School Prayer

Recited every Monday at morning assembly.

Father in heaven,

We the family of St John’s Primary School, ask you to unite us all in love, truth and courage.

We want to love you and each other. We want to learn the truth that Jesus taught us.

Give us the courage to live good lives. Help us to treat each other as special members of our special family. Create a close bond between pupils and teachers and parents.

Give us pride in our school, and may our school always be proud of us.

We thank you for our school and our families. But especially, we thank you for being our Father who gives us life and love.

Help us always to live as your children.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved,


St John the Apostle,

Pray for us.

Feast of the Sacred Heart.jpg
Painted by Mrs Kate MacDonald, Performing Arts Teacher

School Song

Sung together at special community gatherings.

We are a part of Our Lord who went before,

The name that he gave and the badge that he wore.

May the love of our Saviour and His presence that lives on,

Brightly gaze on the banner of St John’s.

We’ll work and we’ll play with all our might,

In the truth never fearing the light.

St John’s, St John’s throughout our lives we’ll always try,

To hold our values forever high.