Positive School Culture

At St John the Apostle we speak about three very important expectations: Respect Self, Respect Others, Respect the Environment (R.O.S.E).

Working in partnership with parents, we help children to learn to understand what these look like in a variety of contexts. Staff and students have designed a series of posters that are used to provide explicit positive expectations of students.

Each fortnight the whole school practices one particular school expectation and we celebrate students displaying this through brag tags, merit certificates and R.O.S.E. awards at our weekly assemblies. We also like to recognise academic great examples of discipleship, academic achievement and consistent effort at the end of term awards.

Sometimes students find it challenging to live up to these expectations and we have a well-developed system of responses to challenging behaviour that helps students to participate more positively as a member of the St John's Community. We always work closely with families to support these students. Where student behaviour has impacted on others and their relationships we implement restorative justice practices that promote empathy and healing.

Positive Behaviour for Learning Policy