Opportunity Beyond the Classroom

As a school, we partner with parents and other organisations to provide opportunities for our students to develop or express their interest and talents.

School Excursions

General School Excursions 


Every class has the opportunity to engage in local excursions to support their learning. We recognise that Canberra is filled with opportunities to learn from people and places that are rich in Australia's historical, scientific, artistic and community knowledge. The cost of class and year level local excursions are included in our school fees.

School Camps

Our Year 5 and 6 students each attend a school camp during the school year. Year 5 attend a local camp where they learn about Australian History through highly interactive and informative programs provided by the venues. This includes one overnight stay.

Year 6 attend a camp involving two overnight stays at a venue a little further afield. This camp is usually held early in the year as part of their leadership development. They focus on outdoor challenges, team building and leadership. The camp begins what will be a very formative year of personal development prior to high school.

Student Leadership

Throughout their journey at St John the Apostle, students develop collaborative and leadership skills. This culminates in the opportunity to be a school leader in Year 6. Our School Captains and Peer Leaders undertake very specific roles in supporting their fellow students and in proudly representing the school at various events. You can see them each morning as they lead our lead our daily gathering.

All Year 6 students learn how to conduct tours, organise and lead assemblies and liturgies, participate in outreach to the community, mediate simple playground disagreements, lead teams at sporting events and mentor younger students.

Outdoor Learning 


We are fortunate to have large grounds that support outdoor learning opportunities. Areas of our Outdoor Learning Environment is currently under construction and we look forward to celebrating the opening of these later in 2023. It will include areas for natural play as well as well kept ovals and new playground equipment. Teachers use this space for Science, Physical Education, studies of Sustainability and imaginative play.

Our vegetable garden and chickens are very popular and children have the opportunity to work with them at various times of the year. They learn to see the positive impact of the care they show for the environment.

School Choir

Students from Years 3-6 are welcome to participate in the school choir. Students work with our Performing Arts teacher to learn a repertoire of songs and develop their skills in singing and collaborative performance. The highlight of their year is often performing at Floriade and for whole school events such as our Christmas Concert.

100 Voices event (2023)


Physical Education Teacher & Specific Sport Clinics 


In 2023 we have introduced a Physical Education teacher who plans and implements the Physical Education Curriculum with all students. As a part of their role they also coordinate opportunities for instructors trained in various sports to provide clinics where they teach the fundamentals of a wide range of sports such as tennis, rugby, AFL and many other sports.

Local Sport Competitions

We encourage and support our students and families to participate in local sport competitions each year. Where possible local clubs help to keep our students together as a team. We're happy for teams to train together on our school grounds. Students in our school participate in local competitions for soccer, netball, basketball and AFL. 

Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals

St Johns hold Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals each year. It is a great opportunity for personal challenge and contributing to a team. Students also have the opportunity to qualify to represent the school at zone carnivals and then ACT carnivals.



Older students also develop confidence through public speaking opportunities such Rostrum. All students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to enter these competitions. Supported by staff, these competitions suit a number of our high achieving students.

Maths Games

For those who love Mathematics we encourage, teach and support students to participate in the Maths Olympiad and Maths Games where they can compete with other high achieving students from around Australia and NZ. It’s challenging and stretches even the most capable.



We have various student clubs based on student and teacher interests. These can range from knitting to robotics depending on the circumstances. Each club is run at lunch time and enables students with similar interests to share their enthusiasm as well as learn something new.