Enrolment FAQs

Do children have to be Catholic to attend St John the Apostle?

We accept enrolments from students who identify from many faith backgrounds as well as students who do not identify with any particular faith background. As a Catholic school, we express our Catholic faith and tradition through the Gospel values and charism that underpins our daily lives at school, our celebrations and our Religious Education curriculum. Parents enrolling their children at St John's are asked to support the ethos of the school.

How big are the classes at St John the Apostle?

With two classes at each year level, our average class size is 24 students. Each class teacher is supported by Inclusion Assistants at various times through the week, helping to support the individual needs of students.

My child has complex needs. How do I enrol my child?

We cater for a diverse population of students at St John the Apostle. We can best support your child's learning when we work with you to prepare and plan for their first days as well as their ongoing needs. When you indicate on the enrolment form your child's needs we will engage our Inclusion Team to be part of the enrolment process, setting your child up for success in starting school. If you would like to meet with the Principal prior to enrolling to discuss your child's needs, please contact the Office Manager to organise this.

What are the fees?

Catholic systemic schools are a low fee paying option for families. While Catholic schools charge fees, it is the policy of Catholic education that every child should have the opportunity to attend a Catholic school regardless of their financial situation and therefore families are welcome to apply for a fee reduction should this be their need at the time.

Our fees structure for 2024 can be found here

My child goes to St Thomas Aquinas ELC. I would like them to go to St John's in Kindergarten. How do I enrol?

The St Thomas Aquinas Early Learning Centre serves the entire Belconnen region. Children who attend the ELC can enrol in St John the Apostle Primary School for Kindergarten during the enrolment period. No enrolment fee is payable for children currently enrolled in the St Thomas Aquinas ELC.

What is the process for enrolling for Kindergarten in 2024?

The process is simple:

  1. Attend any one of our School Tours and pick up some information or make an appointment to take a tour and speak to the Principal.
  2. Complete an online application form and submit by the end of the enrolment period . There is an enrolment fee of $50.
  3. The school will organise an enrolment interview for both you and your child.
  4. An offer of a place will be sent to you on the 23rd June 2023. Information about Kindergarten Parent Information evenings and Induction Days will be provided at this time. If we are not in a position to offer a place for you we will contact you well before this date to discuss how we can support you in finding other suitable options for your child in Catholic Education.
  5. Return an acceptance of the offer by 21st July 2023.

What else do I need besides the enrolment application form?

Every enrolment application must include a copy of the child's birth certificate and immunisation history. If your child is Catholic, a copy of the Baptism Certificate is required as well. They can be submitted online as part of the application process. If you are experiencing difficulties with this then simply contact our Office Manager who will happily assist you. At the enrolment interview we are required to sight the originals of all documents.

How do I submit an enrolment application?

Enrolments applications are completed online at the Enrolment page on the Catholic Education website.

For those unable to do this there are some hard copy forms available from our Front Office. These can be submitted in person. Please bring all relevant documents to be copied.