It’s a great thing we do here every day at St John the Apostle Primary School. The vision that animates us is captured in our motto:

United in love, truth and courage

It’s a goal that speaks of working together as disciples of Jesus to make our school, our community and our world a better place.

As educators, we put our students first every day. We know that fostering trusting relationships between adults and students is the most effective way to foster learning is a safe environment. We work together to build a positive school climate, create supportive environments, and open doors. We provide clearly communicated rules, values, and expectations that support everyone feeling safe and secure.

Our school is a place that is continually adapting to the changing needs of our youth and their world. It is a place where all students can discover who they are and develop the self-confidence to take on new challenges in a caring and nurturing environment.

I invite you to come and visit us and see!

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Egan-Richards





Athletics Carnival - Friday 15 May

Change of venue.  The carnival will now be held at Cook oval, Biffin Street